“1917” Bags 9 BAFTA Nominations, Rightfully Deserved!

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    BAFTA, or in other words, THE BRITISH ACADEMY OF FILM AND TELEVISION ARTS, one of the most prestigious awards in the film industry, brings into the limelight, the movie that is the “talk of the town” already- 1917. The film is directed by non-other than the famous director of “Skyfall”, Sam Mendes.

    This movie has garnered plenty of spotlights, alongside other masterpieces like Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood”.

    After Joaquin Phoenix’s phenomenal acting in “Joker”, the cast of 1917 is getting accredited for their amazing performance on screen.

    After winning the Golden Globe Awards, which adds a feather in the cap, it has already made its mark, in the entire Hollywood. 1917 has not only made it to the BAFTA nominations but has secured a generous position of being nominated for 9 back to back categories, keeping the audience in a loop, to watch the film, as soon as it hits the movie theatres.

    The leading cast has delivered scintillating performance on screen. The characters played by Dean Charles, George MacKay, Richard, and Benedict are showered with praises constantly.

    1917 has successfully been allotted to the following categories with concern to BAFTA:

    • Best film,
    • outstanding British film,
    • original score,
    • cinematography,
    • production design,
    • makeup and hair,
    • sound,
    • special visual effects,
    • Best director.

    The movie gives an enthralling experience, through its immersive plot and cinematography.

    “I think it’s in the hands of the filmmakers more than anything else I think it’s up to the filmmakers to make films that need to be seen on a big screen” as said by Sam Mendes, after winning an award.

    Final Verdict:

    As the winner of the Golden Globe awards, and an esteemed nominee at BAFTA in 9 categories, the film is all set to rock the box-office as it gets released worldwide.

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