1917: Trailer Review- Truly Spectacular!

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    If war movies are meant to be a highlight reel of the trenches of war, then Sam Mendes’ upcoming 1917 is nothing short of being spectacular. The Oscar-winning director of Skyfall, Spectre and American Beauty, brings his vision of World War I, in the upcoming movie 1917.

    From what is emulated in the trailer, 1917 is immersive and an impressive technical achievement with some breathtaking build-up and cinematography. The 1917 movie trailer is immersive and displays some magnificent scenes about the story of two young World War I soldiers who are appointed to deliver a message to endangered soldiers to avoid a massacre.

    Two young lance corporals, Blake (played by Dean Charles-Chapman) and Schofield (George MacKay) are ordered to deliver a message by morning to a battalion of British soldiers ‘who are walking into a trap’, as shown in the trailer that covers scenes of the journey of the two soldiers through the backdrop of war, and what is brilliantly illustrated as a race against time. The trailer opens with General Erinmore ordering the two young soldiers to deliver the message to the troop of soldiers who are preparing for an attack the next morning. The next sequence reveals their journey and clips of war and men dodging bullets and shooting guns, typical to a War movie until it returns to General Erinmore where he enumerates’ “If you don’t get there in time, we will lose 1600 men, your brother among them.” The next sequence is a spectacular display of war scenes that include multiple explosions and soldiers forming behind walls and covers, guns going off and massive airplanes flying.

    The 1917 trailer is set to put the audience right in the middle of the action, and from what appears to be two long continuous shots, the movie is aimed to grab the attention of the audience and keep them engaged. The movie also casts other actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Duburq, who are put in the action of an engaging screenplay.

    1917 has already earned three Golden Globe nominations and is set to hit select theatres on December 25, and a wide release on the 10th of January, 2020.

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