Abortion right Advocates waiting for Justin Trudeau to keep his promise

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    The campaign for re-election was based on a promise made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to support the abortion rights. It is the same promise that helped him put his conservative rival on the defence and now the advocates are anxious to see how Justin Trudeau and his ministers turn the promise into a policy.

    The issue of abortion played a prominent role in the federal election campaign this year. Post elections, the abortion right advocates are watching closely to see when the government turns their words into actions. On October 15th Trudeau mentioned, “A Liberal government will always defend women’s rights, including when challenged by conservative premiers.”

    Sarah Kennell, director of Government Relations for the Advocacy Group Action Canada for sexual health and rights, mentioned in a meeting that she would have appreciated to see how the prime minister raised the issue in his one on one meetings with the opposition leaders this past week specially with that new democratic leader Jagmeet Singh. Kennell also said that she wants to see e the mandate letter for the new federal health minister include a clear commitment to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

    Mr. Singh also criticized studio for being very reluctant about the issue although the campaigns from used to enforce the Canada health act right away. Singh also revealed  how disappointed he is to see such a slow push to the issue. 

    New Brunswick MP, Ginette Petitpas Taylor who has been the Health Minister since 2017 has sent a letter to her professional counterparts in July warning them that making women pay to terminate pregnancy even at private clinics is against the Canada health act.

    The prime minister’s office was also questioned about the position of federal liberal government on the bill to which the office replied that their government has been very clear about the women’s right to access reproductive services and that they will use all options available to defend a women’s right to choose and all the others that exist under the Canada health act.

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