Canada Salvation Army on a new venture to speed up the kettle station donations

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    Canada Salvation Army is planning out on a new and faster way for allowing cashless donations to its kettle stations. Donations can be done via debit and credit card which will help in making the process quick and easy.

    They have also planned on starting a pilot project which is scheduled to start on December 1, 2019. The pilot project is going to allow donations at a few kettle stations in the GTA. The new stop and go machine will be used for this process in which there will not be a requirement to either swipe or enter the pin of the card.

    This new tap and go machine is going to be mounted on the side of kettle stands. The machine is going to be 30 by 30 cm and will be in the form of a rectangle card mounted on the side of the kettle stand. Also the machine is going to have three discs to tap, one for $ 5, another for $10 and the last for $ 20. If someone is willing to donate more they can tap a disc up till 10 times

    The donors will still be able to drop coins and bills into the kettle bubbles. This year the donation goal for Canada is $ 23 million and these donations can also be made online. The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle campaign is already running across Canada. Other cities in Canada can still donate via debit and credit card at the kettle stations with the help of regular point-of-sale machines.

    Although the point-of-sale machines required training for operating but the new tap and go machines don’t required any specific training as such.

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