Canadian Anti-Fraud center warns the residents of aggressive scams

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    This year during the holiday season, aggressive phone scams are expected to target people living in Vancouver Island. While speaking to a news channel Victoria Police media spokesperson Matt Rutherford spoke about the fact that the scams might increases during their holiday and tax season.

    This type of aggressive phone scams have been observed in the past 3-4 years and unfortunately even this year it is anticipated the same is going to happen during the holiday season.

    The scammers have been very aggressive and also demanded people to withdraw money from their bank accounts and ask them to deposit it into local Bit coin machines. The scammers have even requested the residents to reveal their iTune cards and other subsequent numbers. Social media safety expert also mentioned that these years the contact numbers are becoming more accessible because of the growing digital world.

    With an increase in technology it is becoming a lot easier for bigger crime groups to do such scams and this is the main reason for the scans to rise so much. Canadian Anti-Fraud center have instructed the residents to immediately hang up any fraud or unknown phone call because it is a high probability that this is from a scammer.

    Organizations like Facebook also admitted that a lot of information including contact numbers and other details they are putting is being sold to third parties. 32 people arrested in a call center based in India who were targeting Canadian citizens this Monday. This report has been submitted by Indian Authorities. They even shutdown the call center which was involved in this scam.





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