CES 2020- Virtual World Taking Leaps; Read What We Found!

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    CES 2020 is a stage for the tech geeks and it offers a window to a wide range of next-generation technology. Produced by the Consumer Technology Association, it provides a platform for breakthrough innovation in electronics and gadgets. Rounding off the most stunning and out of the box launches, here’s a sneak peek into the tech fair for you all.

    CES is now giving way to technologies that will boost the idea of home automation to its entirety. Google comes up with a new feature for its assistant that stalls you from spilling your beans! It deletes whatever it has recorded if the individual speaks out the command- “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you.”

    Users of Google Assistant should not be surprised if one day, their helpful servant owns their home. These may also go on to control all the smart home gadgets in the home. Google has also announced to attribute more powers to the Google Assistant.

    These smart devices also help in the scheduling of daily routines such as brewing coffee in the morning or hydrating the body throughout the day. The articles on the internet, that we could only read, are now, also read aloud by these smart devices.

    Delta Into a Parallel Reality it is!

    “Parallel Reality” airport display in screens are propelled to show the pieces of information that are tailored, but only visible to the passenger. In recent times, it may so happen that the ones who load our baggage in the plane, may start using an exoskeleton that might help them lift up the heavy loads. Thus, with the introduction of these, the problem of over-packing would be gone for good.

    Beep! Beep! Here we bring a Hybrid Jeep.

    By 2022, an electrified powertrain will be put to use. For the very first time, Jeep is showing off its new plug-in models with a tinge of hybridity. For example, the Compass and Renegade, are ready to roll out, this year.

    CES 2020 has a solution for EVERYTHING

    CES isn’t really keeping any limits to the innovation that can come up! Sex tech at this year’s event is one f the prime attractions and for all the right reasons. One of the devices that are alike a Band-Aid does not yet have a name attributed to it but will be remembered by one and all, by the name of the work it does: that is, helps in delaying the male ejaculation during sex.

    Create a speed- dial

    Speed dial or Household Contacts is one of the most talked-about features. The family member, who has the master account, is able to make a master list containing the most important contacts one needs in the near future. That way, one can place a call just by calling out to Google, without even looking at the phone.

    For example, if one wants to call their mother, they can simply say, “ Hey, Google, call Mamma”.

    Booklover! Listen to stories even when busy.

    Google is now expanding and can read longer articles aloud. So if one loves books but is not able to read them because they are busy, they can just say, “Hey, Google, read this page” and while listening to the article, one can do their work without any disturbance. There is an option of changing the language to a variety of 42 languages.

    Lot is happening when it comes to technological advancements. Right from hybrid jeeps to Google Assistant up-gradation, to sex tech, the World is experiencing a new era of creativity and substituting manual usage. There’s no point in imagining where technology is heading in the coming days which is why let’s take the back seat and allow innovations to drive.

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