Chhapaak- Deepika and Meghna Gulzar come up with a compelling drama on screen!

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    “Deepika shines bright as Chhapaak proves to be the voice of the survivors”

    Initial words

    Meghna Gulzar is back with the most hard-hitting movie of the year, “Chhapaak”, after her back to back exquisite hits “Raazi” and “Talvar”. “Chhapaak” has been quite distinguishable from other movies of the same genre and has been appreciated by its viewers for its screenplay and plot. Deepika Padukone has won the hearts of her admirers with her marvellous acting skills portraying the lead protagonist of the story.


    The plot revolves around a real-life incident of Laxmi Agarwal in 2005 who was a victim of an acid attack at the age of 15 by “Nameen Khan” a 32-year-old man. Agarwal always wanted to be singer and even though after the attack she fought her way to the recipient of the “International Women of Courage Award” in 2014 by Michelle Obama. The film beings with the 2012 “Nirbhaya” case riots and goes on to as how Malti files a PIL in the court for banning the sale of acids all over the country.


    The cast includes Deepika Padukone in the lead alongside Ankit Bisht, Vikrant Massey, and Delzad Hiwale. Deepika Padukone who was always renowned for her acting skills from the very beginning of her career has portrayed the role of Malti, the victim of the acid attack. Vishal Dahiya has also won the hearts of the audience playing the evil as “Basheer Shaikh”, the attacker. Ankit Bisht plays Rajesh the boyfriend of Malti who betrays her in the time of her need and Vikrant Massey plays the role of Amol, the parallel duo beside Malti who helps her to gain the crown of the most renowned social activist.


    The two songs in the film “Nok Jhok” and “Chhapaak title track” which were sung by Siddhart Mahadevan and Arijit Singh respectively. The first title track synchronizes the arising love between the duo Amol and Malti whereas the title track of “Chhapaak” is a benevolent song by Arijit Singh arousing the feel of feminism in the hearts of the viewers.

    Critical Appreciation

    None the less this film has been appreciated by almost everyone who took out time to watch it. Moreover, the film fraternity has also gone with utmost positive reviews about the film. The screenplay, the mode of storytelling, the songs, portraying of the characters as well as the impressive acting skills of the cast is everything that we liked about the film. There is nothing left that we really didn’t like about the film except that the film could have been more centric to its plot instead of diverting the plot to romantic angles which is typical of Bollywood.

    Final verdict

    The film proves to be cherry for the eyes of viewers as it conveys a strong message to the male dominating society. The film is a must-watch for all age groups and looking at the hype in the audiences, the film will surely spin a lot of money to the makers! 

    Rating 4.5/5  

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