Dwayne Johnson’s dad passed away at 75

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    Rocky Johnson, dies at the age of 75, who is a well- known, former team champion of WWE. He was also the team champion of the Hall of Fame. The confirmation of his death came on Wednesday, 15th January 2020. Johnson’s actual name was Wayde Douglas Bowles. He was born into a famous family. He went on to marry the daughter of the “High Chief”, Peter Maivia. His wife’s name was Ata Maivia.

    He was the father of former WWE world champion, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

    His Life in a speck:

    Johnson had begun wrestling, in the year 1964. He worked towards the point of becoming a top star. Johnson worked while challenging for the NWA world heavyweight championship, multiple times. Though, he came up as a competitor against Jack Brisco, Terry Funk, and Harley Race. Moreover, Johnson went forward and held the NWA television championship on two separate occasions.

    Arguably, one of the greatest in-ring accomplishments of Johnson’s career, however, came when he came back to work for WWF in 1982. Moreover, this champion, teamed up with Tony Atlas, as The Soul Patrol. In addition, this duo defeated The Wild Samoans. They won it, without any disqualification, on the 15th of November, 1983. Further, they won the WWF tag team championship. The duo, made history on that very night, by emerging as the first American African tag team to hold the title.

    The star continued to have an immense impact on the world of wrestling. Supposedly, he was to retire in 1991. But he worked with fellow WWE Hall of Fame Pat Patterson towards training his son inside the squared circle. This acted as a catalyst, to the rise of one of the biggest stars. He was considered a star, in the pro- wrestling business.

    His son, THE ROCK, went on to become a huge force in Hollywood. Moreover, he was the man to induct his father, into, the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008. RIP to the soul of this stout personality in the WWF industry.

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