Ford recalls 50000 vehicles of previous year’s models

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    Ford is planning to recall around 50000 vehicles from all over Canada due to electrical issues in the vehicle. The auto maker company has already issued 3 separate calls for specific automobile models which is going to include the F-150, the Super duty and the Lincoln MKX vehicles. Ford has also recalled the same automobile models in the United States as well for similar electrical issues.

    The 50000 vehicles that Ford is recalling in Canada, 30073 are the Ford F-150 trucks from the 2019 and 2020 models. The reason why Ford is recalling these trucks is because of an issue with the fastener of the batteries positive terminal. It is also expected that the fastener may be improperly attached and could lead to the engine stalling for the loss of power assisted braking and steering. Ford has already warned that this fastener issue with the F-150 trucks could also have a potential to break into a fire.

    5253 Lincoln MKX SUVs has been recalled in Canada which are specifically from the model years 2016 and 17. The company went ahead to mention that Lincoln MKX SUV is having an issue with the battery cables and when a fastener comes into contact with the transmission cable mechanism there is a probability that it could lead to a short circuit and further more into a fire risk. The company has clearly warned for such potential fire risk at which the vehicle is exposed.

    The another automobile model that food is recording is the Ford’s  Super duty trucks which are from the model years 2018-19. Around 14000 trucks in Canada are being recalled. The issue faced with the super duty trucks is that the vehicles are equipped with LED headlights with control models that are not configured in a correct manner.


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