Harry Hains- “American Horror Story” fame actor dies at 27

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    Harry Hains, the actor who held all the attention in the World, while having the limelight in “American Horror Story”, is reported to be dead, at the age of 27. His death was confirmed by his mother, Jane Badler. He was a prey to mental illness and addiction and thus, lost his life to these, as confirmed by his mother, through a post on Instagram.

    The actor had conformed it before, that he did not feel like he represented himself clearly, being a man. He was gender fluid and was not very sure if he belonged to the gender norms set by the society.

    A brief about Harry Hains-

    He was born in Melbourne but lived his whole life in London other than being in New York for a long time. Recently before his death, he was based mostly, in, Los Angeles. During the period of 2015, Hains appearance was seen in the “Hotel Series” that was a hit. He also played a dominant role in the supernatural drama in Netflix, called THE OA. He became quite famous after the role and was also known by the name of “The OA”. He, besides being an actor, was a famous model and also used to perform as a musician, under the stage name, Antiboy. This gave a clear depiction of the gender liquid character that was underlying his famous, outgrown personality.

    Hains had also spoken in the past about how he did not feel like a man, though the society wanted to label him as one. He also spoke to the magazine about how, the labeling that is done by the society, keeps one confused as to what they really do and what they want to do. Thus, he tried to be away from the labeling, as much as he could. We hope his after life is smooth and his soul rests in peace.

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