9 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up 2020

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    Think back to when we all guessed 2020 was going to be our year?

    Oh, to be that optimistic and innocent 2019 edition of ourselves again. However, it is safe to confess that this year hasn’t gone precisely as we hopped on the last day of 2019. Beginning with fire in Australia, then the pandemic- Coronavirus, our anxiety of assassin demon hornets for a heated moment, and rounding it out with a political mood that is too much for most of us to deal with, isn’t it?

    There’s no question that we all NEED something to chuckle at presently. Over it all, we found the ample gleeful hilarious memes that flawlessly depict how everyone perceives these days as we slowly tally down until this terror of a year is over. Let’s all live safe, giggle, and recall this won’t linger eternally.

    Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up 2020

    1. As the demand for bras moved downwards, the demand For toilet paper clambered

    In January, everything appeared sort of okay. Excluding the Australian wildfires, stuff didn’t appear so grim until mid-February when the earth rolled upside down. As shortly as the population began to acknowledge coronavirus was a real danger, they drove right to the toilet paper aisles to stock it up.

    As the demand for bras took off, the demand for toilet paper soared; while we yet can’t decipher why the demand for toilet paper was so huge, we understand that bras’ usage took off the window. After all, who craves to don one when all we have to do is crouch at homes? The significance of masks is perplexed because of the conflicting concepts, and our comfortable bed and coffee have been our only constant throughout this period.  

    1. What Happened To The Banana Bread Phase?


    Banana bread meme
    Banana bread meme

    Think of the time when everyone was kind of calm, allowing their bananas to ripen so they could prepare a loaf of banana bread? That appears like it was years before with all the upheavals and turmoil that exceeded a few weeks after the dough explosion.

    What went wrong with the Banana bread stage?

    After everyone ate their copious quantities of bread, they rolled on to the second stage of 2020, invalidating the law, uprisings, and looting. While some of it might have occurred over the lid, others would differ. We have no idea how it moved to that phase, and that too this quick!

    1. Let’s blame everything on the aliensFunny Alien Meme

    In September 2019, a fraction of users in Reddit agreed to fume the unusual Area 51. Coincidentally, stuff began to go awry straight after this occurred. That appears very skeptical. Is it logical that they rendered the aliens and made them furious, therefore inciting this sequel of awful episodes?

    Did those civilizations air something extra influential than they could have ever comprehended, and now they are concealing to defend the actual mystery from being disclosed? This is all assumption, but it would be extensively more fascinating than the truth we are confronting at the period.

    1. The year 2020 is always a step ahead of everyone else!! 

    Time traveller: what year is it? Me: 2020 time traveller: oh is this during corona virus or the bad one Me: the what - Carole Baskins (Carol ?) | Make a Meme

    Over this year, we all have existed, striving to get forward of the inevitable doom that the year 2020 has brought. Still, at every bend, it appears the catastrophe is constantly one step forward of us all. Irrespective of how great you are attempting to get ready, this year will appear with fresh means to get terrible.

    2020 is ahead of everyone,

    Even if you strived to wear a robe of the shield, 2020 will look at you and learn just the tiniest vulnerable spot. Between the huge Asian massacre hornets and coronavirus’s turmoil, you will never understand what will arrive next or wish to get ready yourself to deal with it.

    1. This year is taking off at an extremely fast and sluggish pace in the same period2020 Speed

    Even though February was an additional day longer this year, it felt like the month took off instantly. Then March slams, and it felt like duration was strutting still as we all latched ourselves inside to protect ourselves from all the terrible stuff running in the earth.

    1. Select your 2020 uniform of the period

    MEME] I too am exited for April - Daily Fashion and Style Inspo - handsome male models and beautiful runw… in 2020 | Funny relatable memes, Stupid funny memes, Funny memes

    January started with the population gaping of WWIII to hit between the countries, and then we ignored that and hurried on to the bushfire in Australia. This was observed by everyone querying the virus, and then the population understood it was much more severe than we could have ever comprehended.

    Select Your 2020 Outfit Of The Month

    We donned our beekeeper robes in May because questions thrived about killing hornets for a limited time, but that perished down fairly soon when the unrests commenced. Luckily, there is a uniform to fit every one of the crises that have arisen, and they arrive in a broad span of lengths for all body kinds.

    1. What’s next? 

    Whether it’s an asteroid or an alien raid, everyone anticipates more terrible stuff to occur anyhow. It’s like there is stuff rounded up continuing their roll to nudge the species to their maxima. If we somehow manage to live from the asteroid or the alien attacks, we would take off for another world because the earth presently has several crises. They would be surprised if they arrived here at a period like this.

    1. Can This Wait A Few Years? We Are Dealing With A Lot Right Now

    In a time like this one, a submerged phantom village soaring from the sea was circulated on the net. Of all the stuff you can believe in, this is not what you wish to put into the chart of 2020 for sure. Why can’t we find that unicorns are true or that pups can survive eternally? We want something optimistic to occur.

    The mirage village was iced in time, but those spirits would wish they had dwelled iced when it melts. Even the singles doing the haunting wouldn’t like to encounter 2020. They said, “Boo this,” and escorted themselves back into the icy stream.

    1. Equip Yourself For The Triggering Content You Are About To See

    When civilization watches movies or reads history about this year, they would think about how anyone overcame all of that. As they recognize how species dealt with the virus and denied keeping up at their homes, they will guess everyone was stupid, which is what we are! It will be hard for society to understand why this year came out to be so awful.

    When documentaries are prepared about 2020, civilization will gape if it is a scary film or actual life. Surviving this year was a misery, so we can comprehend how it will appear on camera.

    The above-listed memes describe the year 2020 aptly.

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