Hulu and Netflix Watch List for January 2020 is here now!

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    While the World is tensed about the arising World War 3, Netflix and Hulu does not stop from making an attractive watch list for its’ members, this 2020.

    The Netflix watch list for 2020, is listed below.



    This action-packed story, is a must watch for the thriller lover audience. The plot revolves around one man, who is behind the creation of a huge fan base of those who believes him to be a divine figure such as a messiah. But, through the process, the cult is seen to become a threat to the whole international security.

    Anne with an E: Season 3

    With the pre sequels of this series being a hit, it comes back with a kick in its’ third season. The plot revolves around a teen aged, orphan girl’s adventures to seek love and acceptance. She is eager to find out, as to, what her place in the world is like. The adventure is about to end with this season. This show is streaming on Netflix now. Go, catch up!

    AJ and the Queen

    This drama series on Netflix revolves around RuPaul, who is shown as a drag queen, who builds a team with 11-year-old girl, who is tough, in order to recoup the savings, that are stolen.

    Grace and Frankie: Season 6

    This show, with the tagline, “Too Old For This Sh*t”, is back with a bang, with its 6th season. This is one of the longest-running sitcom. The platform revolves around the life of two elderly ladies, who are figuring out lives, after their husbands end up falling in love with each other.


    Netflix Watch list Ares

    A brand new psychological horror series, “Ares”, comes straight from Netherlands, to set its’ feet on your watch list, this season. It starts streaming from January 17th.  The story revolves around two friends who are fallen prey to the seduction by power as well as wealth, thus, finding themselves trapped in a place dominated by demonic powers.

    Apart from Netflix, Hulu too has a long binge watch list to offer to its’ viewers.


    Shrill yet again, kicks back with its second season, after the success of the first season. This show is going to be streaming from January 24th, 2020. It is acclaimed critically to be starring “Saturday Night Live’s” Aidy Bryant. It is about the personal as well as professional grafts of the plus-sized lady. She is unashamed of the body she has and is determined to stop by while being equivalent to a doormat.

    High Fidelity
    High Fidelity Hulu

    Ones’ who loved Heartbreak and Aughts classics, will for sure rejoice the coming of the High Fidelity. As described by Nick Hoenby’s 1995 novel, this comes to vision. The same name is adopted and the film is also an adaptation. Hulu further takes on the story related to a record store owner who processes romantic loss.

    Little Fires Everywhere

    This limited series comes in eight parts. The stories related to Elena Richardson and Mia Warren are intertwined in a way that the plot and the screenplay is as gripping as it also is heart breaking. The ones’ who have read the book and liked it, you have a lot to expect from this.

    Ramy: Season 2
    Ramy season 2 Hulu

    Haven’t yet watched the first series? What are you waiting for? Just to give you a brief and a good excuse to watch the film, the plot goes around a Egyptian- American individual, belonging to the first- generation. He lives in New Jersey and struggles hard in order to reconcile the Islamic faith he has, alongside the anti- religious societal norms, followed by his peers, thus, creating a huge pressure on him, while being an outsider.

    Solar Opposites (Spring)

    16 episodes in a line and it has delivered as much as it could. But guess what? Another season is up on Hulu which you need to check out and indulge into. This is an adult animated series that leads to the following of a family, one an all, who are aliens. Deciding to stay on this planet, they get into a situation of “awesome or awful”


    These are only a few of all the shows that should be on your watch list for 2020, January. Some of these are already out and streaming on Netflix and Hulu. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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