Jessica Allen apologizes for her comments on Don Cherry

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    Jessica Allen, a correspondent on CTV’s talk show “The Social” along with CTV are apologizing to everyone whom they offended by the comments made by Allen this week. 

    Allen commented that she has been told that Cherry is a Canadian icon and a symbol of the great sport of hockey and according to Allen, Don Cherry is the walking and talking representative of the bully type. She also went ahead to say that although he has some good things but she feels that she is still a bigot and a misogynist.

    Earlier this week, Jessica Allen said on her show that she doesn’t worship at the altar of hockey. The reason she gave was “a certain type of person in my mind, in my experience, who does” and “they all tended to be white boys who were, let’s say, not very nice.”

    Jessica described hockey players as “white boys” and “bullies” while also scolding parents for spending money on hockey. Even the hashtag #FireJessAllen was going all viral on Wednesday this week. 

    CTV tweeted on their official page that, “We would like to apologize to everyone who was offended by the remarks, and let you know that your feedback sparked much debate and introspection at The Social and CTV.”

    After this Allen also issued an apology mentioning that when she spoke she was talking about the hockey players who she knows personally when she was in her high school and University. 

    Later Jessica tweeted, “I regret saying that my experiences were personal instead of underlying that they were specific episodes from determined moments with particular individuals, As a result, I offended many people. Not just our viewers, but parents, children, coaches, volunteers and hockey families everywhere. To you I apologize.”

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