Joker Oscar Nominations- 11 Categories Sealed and Rightfully so!

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    The insightful direction and the impactful, thought provoking acting, was sure to make its way to the Oscars. Joker Oscar Nominations are trending as it has bagged 11 categories under its belt.

    The American, dark and thought provoking psychological thriller, directed and produced by Todd Phillips, made itself to be recognized in the history of Hollywood. Joaquin Phoenix has redefined the character of “Joker”. It beautifully portrays the effects of major depressive disorder.

    Joker is an on-screen magic!

    Phoenix, through his remarkable acting, has brought smile, laughter as well as tears to the audience. The film is not merely a one-time watch. It is such a film that has immense repeat value for the audience. The film brings out few concepts that are ugly but self- serving. It brings into light, the stigmatization that prevails in the world. It also unfolds the ugly truths of the society.

    Robert Di Nero, in the character of Murray, a famous comic celebrity, has also brought forth the dirty politics that prevail in the society while playing a major in the downfall of Aurther. The hysteric laugh of Aurther when depression kicks in, is a brilliantly performed piece, bringing out to what people with depression actually feels like.

    Dialogues like “I hope my death earns more cents than my life” and “I thought my life was a tragedy but now I know it is a comedy”, evoked a mixture of emotions, inside the audience. The concept of the society not knowing what or who is the “other guy”, is depicted in the best way possible, through the wonderfully written script.

    These factors had made it obvious from day 1, that, this uproarious would make it to the Oscars. To no surprise, it bags 11 nominations, alongside other movies like “The Irishman”, “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood”, “Marriage Story” and many others. But, none like Joker, getting 11 nominations.

    “Joker” has made its way to Oscars in the following categories:

    • Todd Phillips for best Director
    • Best Film
    • Joaquin Phoenix for best actor
    • Todd Phillips for best Adapted Screenplay
    • Nomination for Best Makeup and hair styling
    • Best Cinematography
    • Jeff Groth for Best Film Editing
    • Hildur Guðnadóttir for Best Original Score
    • Best Sound Editing
    • Best Sound Mixing
    • Mark Bridges for Best Costume Design

    Such huge list of Joker Oscar Nominations will definitely a new page in the book of Academic award history. Kudos to the brilliant overall outcome of this movie. It is a genre that was much needed to be talked about. Dialogues like “Everything that I feel is negative”, leaves back a huge impact on the audience. It was probably one of the best films given to the viewers, reaching out to give a very important message.

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