Kim Kardashian throws a punch at Kourtney in the brand-wild new trailer of ‘KUWTK’ Season 18

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    The two sisters of one of the most popular families in the world, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian appeared to emerge in a physical fight during a moment in their brand new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. At that moment, all the sisters seemed to be fighting with each other, however, Kim and Kourtney went all the way long by punching and pushing each other.

    The moment of tension and heat arrived in the new season of KUWTK that could be seen in the trailer of the 18th season of the reality show. Kim, 39, took to her twitter to share the trailer on Feb. 25, Wednesday, with her fans and the viewers of the show, promoting the upcoming season.

    The new season will appear on our TV screens from March 26 onwards, every Thursday, on channel ‘E!’ and this season is going to be spicier than others, which even fans are saying it, as it was eye-catching to watch the trailer.

    In the 30-seconds of the clip, no sister could be seen getting along, as Kim and Kourtney face each other in a moment, and Kourtney says, “You have nothing to say!” when she got up and threw a small item at Kim. Cut to a second later than, Kim could be seen getting up and throwing a punch at her older sister Kourtney, saying – “Don’t ever come at me like that.”

    Though the trailer is spicy and interesting to watch, still, it is not cleared why the sisters were fighting, which gives us another reason to watch. After when Kim posted the video, fans started commenting on it, and many of them directed towards Kourtney, one of which says, “Kourtney had it coming with her bi**chy attitude. Yay Kim!!!

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