Kylie Jenner’s mysterious love life- Who is she hiding?

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    The media and paparazzi have always been interested in the romantic affairs of various public figures and celebrities from different walks of life. One such mentionable name is Kylie Jenner.  The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has always been on the top of the news for several reasons, be it good or bad. A 22-year old girl, who is an entrepreneur, a billionaire and a mother, all at the same time, is sure to make the headlines of various newspapers and magazines.

    Jenner, has recently been in discussion because of a certain “mystery man.” She posted a picture of her’s on Instagram from a New Year’s Eve party she had recently attended. In this picture, there is a man standing with a glass of drink, beside her. This immediately made the media and her fans curious about the identity of the man. Although there’s no official statement from Kylie, her dating rumors have been circulating in the media ever since. Kylie broke up with Travis Scott last October, after a two years relationship and they share a daughter, Stormi Webster. There has been no news of any bad blood between the two former partners and they seemed to share an amicable co-parent relationship between them. But with the recent pictures of an unidentified man with her at the party, the question is, has she moved on and started dating someone else?

    TMZ later shed light on the identity of Kylie’s mystery man. He is Zack Bia, a frequent face of the Los Angeles club scene. Twenty-something years old Zack has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Drake and The Weekend. He has also previously dated Madison Beer, and seems to have a lot of mutuals with Jenner. Although TMZ mentioned that Jenner and Bia, are just friends, but with the picture posted by Kylie, and her silence on the matter, we would surely be curious about the details and would love to hear some good news from the lady in 2020.

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