Like a Boss Movie Review- Watch at Your Own Risk!

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    Initial words in this Like a Boss Movie Review  is definitely to indicate how moronic the plot was, with fake chunks of laughter and emotions. Among a host of films releasing with the typical backdrop, this one is delivered in a senseless and disappointing manner.

    The Cast:

    Salma Hayek as Claire Luna

    Rose Bryne as Mel Carter

    Tiffany Haddish as Mia

    Billy Porter as Barrett

    Those being the main cast, of this “comedy movie”, have brought out distaste to the roles played by them. Their dreadful performance gives the film a static move. The film has few not- so-attractive characters who make the film cliche ridden and blunt. The characters, apart from the plot, adds a more or less boredom to the film. Each of the funny scene is a forced implementation on the audience and does not pan out great.The cast fails to excel at showcasing their emotions. The audience does not at all engage in laughter even at the “hilarious scenes”. Salma, Rose and Tiffany, are impressive in their portrayal of their character but fails to ooze out confidence with their roles. Supporting actors, such as Jennifer Coolidge, Catherine Parker, Ari Graynor and Ryan Hansen leave a weak impact with their performances.

    Miguel Arteta, the Director of this film Like a Boss, contains none of the sensitivity or experimental nature that is attributed to all his previous works. Instead there is a bargain bin slapstick comedy, which is at the bottom- of- the- barrel. These make it unwatchable and the only word that can be attributed to it, is, garish mess.


    The besties, Mia (Tiffany Haddish) and Mel (Rose Byrne), stars a business together, but falls into the pit, while realizing that they are in huge debt. Just then, they meet an investor, Claire (Salma Hayek), whom they look at, as a Heaven-sent-Angel. But sooner than they thought, she came out to be a proper nightmare.

    The buildup of the storyline, forcefully tries tickling one to laughter, but fails miserably. Few of the fleeting moments that intends to arise chuckles, are from Jennifer Coolidge, who plays the character of Stiffer’s mother from the movies of American Pie, repeats the over- sexed shtick. While Haddish and Bryne are all about being “okay-ish” while, Hayek has not been so forgettable, even with an outsize glamorous awful avatar. They do not carry any amusing nastiness in relation of Meryl Streep all the way from The Devil Wears Prada.

    Things we liked about the film:

    We would have loved to point out something or the other that we liked in the film through our Like A Boss Movie Review. But, unfortunately, except the music, nothing much is worth mentioning in the film.

    Things we did not like about the film:

    The force given out in order to make the audience laugh, is bit too bad to be digested. Though it promises to be a comedy, it comes out as an utter failure and thus, the film is not that appealing, as the trailer looks like.

    Final verdict:

    The huge problem with this movie is that, it is not just “not funny”, but, hysterically, tries to be one. While one can smell the amount of desperation fanning in the air, as the trio leading the film, find themselves in increasingly puerile situations. The actors’ in real life are classy personas and are also juxtaposed to stupidity that is brought by their characters. Thus, there is no much expectation to be kept from the film, but can be watched, if one wants to laugh to tickles, or, chuckle away for sometime, to escape the reality World and relax.

    Rating- 2/5

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