MALANG- Bollywood Movie Trailer Review

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    One of the best Bollywood directors, Mohit Suri’s upcoming film, Malang, is highly anticipated since the time of its announcement last year. It brings about the concept of dacnomania to the fore front. It is the mania of killing others and being satisfied by the sight. The movie is slated to release on the 7th of February. The trailer, that is launched on the 6th of January, 2019, is impeccable and further heightens expectations from the movie.

    From what is emulated in the trailer, Malang is immersive and an impressive technical achievement with some breathtaking build-up and cinematography. The Malang movie trailer is immersive and displays some magnificent scenes about the story of 5 dacnomaniacs, who feel a sight of pleasure, by killing others, either for their need, happiness or pleasure.

    The main cast of the movie includes, Aditya Roy Kapur, Disha Patani, Anil Kapoor and Kunal Kemmu. The characters belong to different genres of life and are the ones, who lives to the fullest.

    The trailer depicts 4 killers, who kill as per their wish. As per the trailer that is out  now, the plot seems to be a psychological one. The dialogues like- “Jaan lena mera nasha hai” to “Jaan lena meri zaroorat hai”, brings forward the mania of the characters in concern.  In addition, the sceneries and the activities like paragliding, sky-diving and living in tents, are very enthralling. Songs like ‘Kaafira’ are  soothing, as well as very attractive.  After watching the trailer, it surely seems like a promising and breathtaking movie. The movie, if done alright, has the potentials to keep the audience glued to screens for the entire runtime.

    Final Verdict:
    As the talk about the mental illnesses are highlighted in varied ways, this film, bringing forth the idea of dacnomania, brings to light, a concerning issue in the society. Though in India, serial killers are not of a great concern, in other countries, serial killing is a pre- dominant matter that people are trying to look into. Thus, this movie Malang, by Mohit Suri, is all poised to spark a smile on the face of distributors and producers. Fingers crossed!

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