Morbius Trailer Review- Here’s a Sony, MCU union we were waiting for!

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    Jared Leto packs a punch throughout the Morbius Trailer and our Morbius Trailer Review is all praises for the man! Although he failed to assert the die-hard MCU fans with the portrayal of Joker in suicide squad, Jared Leto seems quite promising this time! Morbius is supposed to be one of the anti protagonist lead Marvel movies in 2020. The trailer has received heights with almost more than 9 million views and trending. Leto will be seen portraying completely different appearance throughout the movie. Unlike the marvel studio movies which are solely made under Disney banner, “Morbius” is the only movie which is solely made under Sony productions.

    Morbius Trailer Review in brief!

    The trailer introduces the viewers to Dr Micheal Morbius a living legend of science who was early beaten up by his school mates for being the odd one out but is now suffering from a rare blood disease. Morbius is the villain who has its root to Dr Michael’s DNA. Dr Michael in order to cure his rare symptoms of blood disease has invented Morbius the villain or the anti-hero. As the viewers can predict, he has got bat-like qualities including echolocation and the thirst for blood.

    The screenplay of Morbius has been quite an eye-grabbing sigma and thus the fans of the marvel universe have eagerly waiting for Morbius to grab screens. Sony appears to be anxious to help fans to remember Morbius’ Spider-Man comic roots. The studio tactfully puts in the names of both of its ongoing Spider-Man films alongside Venom in the trailer. There’s likewise an appearance from Michael Keaton toward the finish of Morbius’ trailer, however, it’s vague if he’s repeating his job as Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    Treat for VFX geeks

    The VFX of the trailer is a treat for the fans of  MCU. It does wonders and brings out awestruck results for the audience on the silver screen. The depiction of sci-fi genre needs detailed work and the team has delivered it rightfully. It is all set to be a visual treat for the viewers with plenty of chills and shivers throughout!

    Thus Morbius, as it promises by its trailer, shall be a breath taking movie to be watched by all of the MCU fans. Jared Leto seems quite promising with his enhanced module of acting skills; charming, manipulating and hypnotizing.  The audiences are truly in for a treat to witness this union of Sony and MCU!

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