New Ivy Park Sneakers for Beyonce sets social media on fire!

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    Beyonce Knowles has recently released her pictures to promote her collaboration with the company, Adidas. The singer, moreover, uploaded a full body shot from an angle that shows her posterior. Furthermore, she shows off the tag of “Ivy Park”, by sporting an Ivy Park shoe. She upheld the partnership, with a swash.

    The new collaboration, with IVY PARK, however, is in correspondence with the brand, Adidas. It features a lot of products, a few of them being, shoes, bottoms, tops and swim costumes.

    A smoldering picture, of the star, further, caught the attention and got all the “Wow’s”. She looked ravishing in a body-hugging suit. Further, the renowned star, in a maroon bodysuit took away all the attention. There was an IVY PARK shoe, hanging from her waist.

    The singer’s fans are already obsessing over the picture that literally fired up their Instagram feeds. The picture gives a full-scale view, for the IVY PARK collaboration which, further, increased the hype. The collaboration is all set to hit the floor on January 18th. Fans and followers are flooding the social media pages of this singer, congratulating her.

    Besides, the celebrity has grasped the attention of people on social media platforms, by putting up a few seconds of videos, about the collaboration.

    Beyonce promotes the brand, in a cheeky manner. The collection is designed in such a way, that it furthermore, inspires the new- generation athletes and potential leaders.

    Adidas is all set to capture the attention of the audience, by launching the brand new line. It is quite evident that Adidas, from the very moment it launched the line, practiced hype-marketing for the products. Beyonce has successfully put a cherry on the clothing, by her pictures, all over the social media platforms.

    Thus, let’s wait for a mark to be created by IVY PARK.

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