13 Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend, #10 Is Our Favourite!

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    They say that those couples, who play together, end up staying together. While it’s adorable to have cute moments and create some really sweet memories together, sometimes it becomes extremely monotonous and boring to live the same way. Couples who share moments that act as inside jokes and laugh at themselves are extremely lovable. So, here are lists of pranks to play on your boyfriend.

    Sometimes it becomes essential to pull your relationship out of that cute phase and add some spice to it. The best way to bring some change without taking additional efforts in your relationship is to pull some harmless pranks on your significant other. So if you can pull some pranks on your boyfriend and make him laugh at himself then you can do anything in your relationship together.

    13 Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend

    So here is a list of some fun pranks that you can do with your boyfriend in person as well when he is not around.

    1. Sew It Up

    So this prank requires you some sewing skills. All you need a needle, a thread, and your boyfriend’s pair of boxers that’s clean and he might wear the next day. Just sew up the fly on his boxers and make him drink ample amounts of water the next day, enough that he needs to use the washroom more often while wearing those boxers.

    Now just imagine him struggling in the public washroom unable to find the hole in his boxers to pee. Just the sheer thinking of it makes you grin and roll with laughter. Try this prank and watch him confused throughout the day whenever he needs to use the washroom but to avoid getting him angry, spare his favourite pair of boxers.

    1. The Shower Drama

    Now this one comes with a caution advisory that might give him a bad mood throughout the day, if you still want to do it, it’s on your own risk brave girl. To pull this prank while he goes for a shower all you need to do is cover all his toiletries with the help of a plastic wrap. Do not leave his shampoo, neither his conditioner nor his body wash without the plastic wrap.

    Make sure that you cover the edges of the plastic wrap throughout leaving no space by the lid of the bottles. The wrapping should be secure enough that he cannot open it while bathing. Try doing this on him and watch him being annoyed all day.

    1. Soyalicious Drink

    Like any other person, even your boyfriend would love to have a glass of chilled coke right after his work. But here is a twist you can add to his drink to freshen him up from the long tiring day. Instead of giving him a coke, you can pour 7up in a glass and add soya sauce to it enough that it changes its colour and looks similar to coke. Serve him the drink and watch him burn.

    1. Go Fizzy

    The fizzy drink bottle prank never gets old. As much as we love fizzy drinks we hate when it pops up and spoils everything around. But when it comes to your boyfriend it indeed can be a fun prank to go ahead with. Just shake up the soda or the fizzing bottle and wait for your boyfriend to open it and see the magic of science.

    1. Deodorant or butter

     Now if your boyfriend is a body deodorant addict this prank is an absolute genius for you. There are very few chances of it getting busted and you might end up him reaping his anger on the deodorant company instead. All you need to do is extract the liquid from his bottle and butter to it. Then sit back and watch him feel greasy and smell like butter instead.

    1. Horn Please

    For this, you need an air horn and an air tape, stick that air horn at the bottom of his chair and watch him startle when he sits on the chair. Just hope that he doesn’t get startled enough to fall from his chair.

    1. Mint Oreos

    This one is a traditional prank and never goes wrong. You just need to scrape off the actual filling inside the oreo. Keep the biscuits without the filling away. Then, using a knife spread some white-coloured toothpaste evenly across the Oreo biscuit you left aside.  Give him that minty Oreos instead of classic Oreos with the tea and watch his expression as he eats them.

    1. The phoney business

    For this prank, you don’t need your boyfriend to be around instead it’s to be played when he isn’t around and you are willing to annoy him. All you need to do is do little changes in his phone before he leaves for the day. Change your contact name in his phone as his best friend’s and then keep giving him missed calls throughout the day. Do not pick his call when he calls back and watch him get mad over his best friend.

    1. Mommy to Daughter Switch

    Trust us absolutely nothing is scarier for a boyfriend than a girlfriend’s angry mother. All you need to have is another number and you can easily pull this prank over text and it will not fail at all. We promise!

    Just text your boyfriend formally from another number as your mother and tell him that you got to know about you two and whatever sneaky activities he has been trying to pull. Do not forget to mention about his intentions and ask him about it to add extra spice and freak him out a little extra.

    1. The Frightening text

    This is our favourite on the list, as this is the oldest prank and still works perfectly. Pulling this prank over text makes it all the more exciting. The “I’m pregnant” prank never fails. All you need to do is start with informing him about your missed periods and then bomb him with the text saying you’re pregnant after a session of anxious typing. Take your time and enjoy his reaction, but make sure to reveal it to him before it gets too serious!

    1. Dent his Car

    Now with the heading, you might assume that we are about to tell you something that you would not want to try, but trust us this is harmless. All you are required to do is borrow your boyfriend’s car for the day. Tell him you need to run some errands as an excuse for borrowing his car and then leave his car outside his house with a note saying “Sorry about the dent”. Watch him going crazy after inspecting where exactly the dent on his car is. Guys are super positive about their cars.

    1. The Ex Prank

    Send him a text saying that his ex wants to see you and watch him freak out. Nothing is more awkward, suspicious and uncomfortable than your ex meeting your present. This will get him worrying.

    1. The Alarm Clock prank

    This is an excellent prank to try on your beloved boyfriend if he sleeps at any possible opportunity he gets. Set up nearly 10 to 15 alarms in his room and set them on a snooze time of 15 minutes each. Nothing annoys more than buzzing alarm clock throughout the night, so try not to be caught or you might receive calls during the midnight and fall prey to his anger.

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