Prime Minister Trudeau being persuaded to name Chrystia Freeland Deputy PM

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    Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is being constantly persuaded to move Chrystia Freeland, the Foreign Affairs Minister into a new portfolio and name of the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada along with giving her additional powers. Justin Trudeau will be unveiling his new cabinet coming Wednesday and the country should expect some big changes.

    The Prime Minister is also been advised to leverage the powers of Freeland and place her in a role that will help her in focusing more on domestic concerns. The other option that has been discussed is naming Christiana Freeland as the minister of Intergovernmental Affairs.

    Justin Trudeau is already facing several significant challenges in picking up his new cabinet and ensure Freeland’s removal from Global affairs.

    Trudeau is also expected to expand cabinet to include more positions but obviously high cost will be included because of the involvement of huge amount of complexity around restructuring.

    Cadario and former Chrétien strategist David Zussman have also mentioned that the government needs to appoint the perfect house leader which in turn is going to help them ensure the survival of  liberal government while they the navigate confidence votes.

    Cadario also mentioned that the Prime Minister will be looking for someone who is not just a good communicator but also has experience in the House of Commons. He also added that a person from riding relatively close to Ottawa maybe the one. When Cadario was asked to suggest a few names for the job he suggested several MP’s including Steve MacKinnon, Greg Fergus, and David McGuinty.

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