10 Reasons why Females live longer than males

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    In almost all parts of the world, there is a question of why females live longer than males. However, this is not the case always. The data from the 19 century reveals that women didn’t live longer then, so what changed the pattern? MD Professor, Marianne Legato says that men are sociologically and biologically at a greater disadvantage since the time they have been conceived.

    Reasons why Females live longer than males

    However, we must know what makes women different. I am sure that this is intriguing! Here are some facts that will just blow your mind, and break all the existing stereotypes that why females live longer than males.

    1. Women are stronger in the Utero 

    According to the doctors, the ratio in which boys and girls are conceived are 2:1. However, boys very easily succumb to prenatal infection and some other problems while they stay in the womb and thus the birth ratio of the boys to girls becomes 1:1. Girls also develop faster than boys prenatally which signifies that boys can easily die due to preemies which develop due to the underdevelopment of the brain or lungs, as explained by the doctors.

    1. Women are not much into adventure 

    One of the three top reasons for men losing their lives is unintentional injuries. However, this reason lies in the sixth position in the case of girls. The development of frontal lobes in women develops faster as compared to women which are responsible for the calculation of risks and responsibility. This takes time to develop in the case of men.

    This results in men taking more risks and thus increasing their chances of injuries. Doctors predict that the risks a man may take will inevitably be avoided by a woman of the same age.

    1. Heart disease kills men faster 

    Heart disease is one of the leading killers for both males and females. However, the study shows that men develop it faster and succumb to it even at early ages such as in their 30s or 40s. However, women are believed to develop these diseases ten years later as compared to men. Women do not develop heart disease until menopause strikes them, girls are thankful for your periods! Since the bodies of women churn out estrogen which is capable of keeping the arteries flexible as well as strong.

    1. The social network of women are stronger 

    Happiness is the best medicine. Friends do make an integral part of our lives. If the social connections are strong the rate of dying decreases drastically by 50%. Men are believed to have fewer social connections and they often hold their worries and stress close to their heart while women share it with their near and dear ones and talk it out.

    However, the exception to this is the married men. Studies show that they tend to live longer and have a healthier life as compared to men who are not married.

    1. Women are more concerned about their health 

    Studies show that women go for often for their cholesterol testing as compared to men. They also take proper care of their weekly and monthly check-ups. Studies even reveal that a quarter of men do not have a regular physician and many don’t even possess health insurance.

    This is also the reason for the Wayne Syndrome according to which Men often deny their illness. They often don’t share their ailments because they do not want to visit the doctor and find out that something is wrong with their health. Men, please go to your doctor more often!

    1. Women have comparatively less occupational and lifestyle-related risks 

    Men are involved in more hazardous occupations as compared to women. They have been working in mines and have involved in other hazardous occupations which have contributed to their lower expectancy of life. However, now women are also a part of such industries, but we must not forget that some professions still have the male majority and are hazardous.

    1. Women possess 2 copies of each gene 

    We all know that chromosomes cones in pairs while men have X and Y, women possess 2X. This is definitely an advantage for women. This signifies that women have copies of all the genes and thus have a backup for all the genes that get damaged. However, men do not possess this privilege. The absence of an X chromosome negates the chances of backup which leads to continuous aging of these cells and makes them more susceptible to diseases.

    1. Women have got the secret power of Estrogen

    The female hormone of Estrogen is capable of regulating body activities and also helps to remove the metabolic by-products from their bodies. This protects the cells from getting damaged and also protects them from aging. Experiments that have been conducted on female animals show that the animals which do not have Estrogen recover from the diseases slowly while the ones with Estrogen recover faster. This also prevents cardiovascular diseases.

    1. The gift of Evolution may have been received by women

    The study of Darwin which emphasized the survival of the fittest may have something to do with the longevity of the women. Since a lot of energy is required to give birth and nurture a young child, the lifespan of women is automatically supported by nature. Research also shows that female sperm whales also live longer as compared to their counterparts that’s why females live longer than males.

    1. The risk of testosterone toxicity in females is less

    Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both males and females. However, it is present in abundance in males and the ‘testosterone storms ‘ can lead to aggressive behavior and actions. This also increases the ability to take more risks and this also makes them prey to depression, suicide, and accidents. That’s the point why females live longer than males.

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