13 Richest Kids in the world and their Weird Habits

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    We all wish to enjoy wealth and wish to become filthy rich at a very young age. Although money can’t buy you happiness it can surely make it easier and more fun. However, when we see the teenage stars enjoying wealth at a young age and see how they turn out to be we certainly realize that it is not all that great after all. So, here are lists of the richest kids in the world and their weird habits.

    Richest Kids in the world and their Weird Habits

    Today we focus on the kids who have made their richness all on their own and/or are soon going to inherit money from their parents. We have compiled the weird things about these kids and surely this tells us that no matter how much wealth we have we all are humans and we all have our own quirks. We wonder if you can relate to any of these weird things done by them.

    1. Ben Pasternak 

    This guy started his entrepreneurial career back in high school and has a net worth of 2 million at a very young age of 19. He is the founder of Monkey Inc and Impossible Rush which took over tinder as well as Twitter on the App Store top charts.

    Ben does not like cars and hates driving them he believes that they are just so huge and ugly. He bites his fingers whenever he is nervous.

    1. Mia Talerico 

    Mia might be the youngest self-made entrepreneur in the world with a net worth of 2 million at just the age of 9. She started her acting career since she was 8 months old and she played the role of Charlie Duncan in the famous Disney series Good Luck Charlie.

    Mia Talerico has a weird habit of biting their tongue. She often bites her tongue while eating.

    1. Alina Morse 


    Alina Morse is 20 years old and is the founder of teeth cleaning candy named zollipops which have sold lollipops over 2 million USD. She is even called the formidable entrepreneur by many.

    She enjoys reading a lot and that is one of the habits which has made her this rich at this young age. This is definitely not a weird habit but something that we all must emulate.

    1. Jackie Evancho 

    She is 19 years old and is worth 2.5 million USD for her great singing skills. She got her way through the fifth season of America’s Got Talent and there was no turning back for her since then.

    She loves traveling to different cities and always collects a souvenir from those places. Sometimes that even means a bottle of shampoo from the hotels, weird right! She released her major album in the year 2010 which made it to the 2nd position in the Billboards 200.

    1. Syed Sumail Hassan 

    Sumail is the name Syed Sumail Hassan is popularly known. He is a professional Dita 2 player and is one of the members of the team ‘Evil Geniuses’ who have won many championships including The International 2015. He was also named as the TIME’s ’30 most influential Teen’ in the year 2016.

    He has a Guinness world record to his name and has a habit of being on the computer for around 18 hours without food and water. Indeed, a weird thing but definitely not that weird for a gamer.

    1. Dannielynn Birkhead 

    She is the daughter of late actress Anna Nicole Smith. Like mother like daughter, she is on her way to becoming a supermodel and is worth around 10 million USD.

    Generally, people have pups or cats as their pets however, Dannielynn has a pet Lizard. Yes, you read it right, she pets a lizard. How weird?

    1. Rory John and Phoebe Adele Gates 

    Bill Gates is a man known for his philanthropic work and his volunteer actions. He also wishes his kids to do the same. Bill along with his wife have announced that their kids will get only a small portion of the wealth which will be around 10 million each so that they can achieve something of their own.

    Rory did not get to use the mobile phone until he was 13 years old, however, the teenager does not enjoy using mobile phones a lot. He spends more time reading books, doing charity works, and is already contributing to global causes. He has a habit of regular reading. You can’t expect something else from the son of the world’s richest man.

    1. Ryan Kaji

    The platform of YouTube has certainly become a place for the next generation to showcase their talents and earn money. The youngest YouTube star Ryan who is famous for reviewing toys has made quite a fortune from that.

    Ryan enjoys playing with his twin sister. He has the habit of collecting toys of all kinds. Just not for videos but for the sheer love towards toys. He has the world’s largest toy collections of all varieties.

    1. Valentina Paloma Pinault 

    She is the daughter of Actress Salma Hayek and the CEO of the fashion company Kering, Francois -Henri Pinault. She is expected to inherit a wealth of around 12 million.

    She has the habit of collecting shoes. She has some of the most exquisite shoes. Not weird but indeed an interesting one.

    1. Akshay Ruparelia

    Akshay Ruparelia is a British Entrepreneur who turned his simple yet very powerful innovative idea into a company worth multi-million dollars. He built which is an online estate agency that allows its customers to buys real estate at the minimum commission.

    He has the habit of reading one to two books in a week, which means a minimum of 52 books in a year. Wait! Have you read so many books in your life so far?

    1. Blue Ivy Carter

    Blue Ivy is the daughter of the power couple Jayz and Beyonce and is worth around 1 billion. She is enjoying a life that few can only dream of.

    Blue Ivy has a weird habit of collecting dresses of all varieties. With a fashionista mother, she also has a craze for collecting clothes. Some of the clothes in her collection are around 11,000 USD. Yes, that’s hell expensive!

    1. Prince George of Cambridge

    He is the son of the Duchess of Cambridge. He is the third in line to the throne just after his father Prince William and grandfather Prince Charles.

    Prince George has the weird habit of eating peas straight from the pod that grows in their garden. He has taken this habit from his grandmother.

    1. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge 

    Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is worth 5 billion because of her great impact on the UK fashion industry.

    Princess Charlotte enjoys eating peas from the garden along with her siblings. She also loves wearing different styles and influences the UK fashion market for kids to a great extent.

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