Rihanna and Drake getting cozy again this New Year!

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    Rihanna, at a concert in New York that happened recently, was found getting close and cozy with Drake. This was spotted happening on the same day, she was announced to breakup with Hassan Jameel. Is the year bringing in some new love for this rock star?

    Rihanna was seen to get into a cozy with her ex, Drake. They chose to go their own ways, a long time ago. Is their love reviving up? Are they getting back together? Is the couple giving a second chance to their love?

    Maybe the couple is working on their relationship, all over again. Maybe they are on the verge of getting closer once again. While attending the event as part of Yams Day, a benefit concert honoring the late A$AP Mob founder A$AP Yams, the couple were shot in a video by a fan. The video showed the couple getting into a cozy gesture. This video, as well as the news, was out on the very day, Rihanna who is 31 years old now, was reported to split apart from her two- and- a- half- year old relationship with Hassan Jameel.

    In the fall of 2016, after Kazma handed over an award at the VMA, he famously in a video, proposed Rihanna. She was floored and soon they were seen dating each other. But things did not happen the way they thought it would and thus, the relationship felt apart by the end of 2016. Ever since, they have not been noticed together, much. As reported by a fan, the couple was taken to be a terrific couple and the fan base was flipping over on the PDA (public display of attention), all over the social media and also, their appearance together on the award shows.

    Thus, the fan base wishes all the three individuals luck, for their love lives to settle soon and their career to grow.

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