Selena Gomez plans to quit Instagram? Here’s why!

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    With more than 165 Million fans eagerly waiting for Selena Gomez’s posts, the task to balance professional life and social figure image is quite difficult. In order to focus on her mental health, she has in past taken long breaks from the social media but has come back each time, with a bang, shutting up all the critics and haters. But, as her album RARE is about to drop on Jan 10th, she plans on taking a leave from Instagram again, until promotions for her new music release is complete.

    Selena Gomez, who is 27 years old, during a conversation, had told The Wall Street Journal on January 8th, that, she had been back on Instagram just for the promotions of the new release done by her and has to get off it, very soon.

    In September 2018, Selena Gomez had announced that she would be ditching the ‘gram’ for the time in order to live a life, far from her phone. She, while announcing her sabbatical from social showed her gratitude towards it by saying that she is thankful and grateful to the social media to be a great tool to connect with fans and raise a voice on any topic. She also gives out a message for her followers that every single person should know that any negative comment can hurt the sentiments of others so one must be careful enough, before commenting on or about anyone or anything.

    According to a report from Vogue in 2017, Selena Gomez talks about how she freaked out when she became the most followed person on Instagram. She admits the fact that Instagram kind of became a giant eater for her precious time.

    Thus, let us keep our fingers crossed and look forward to what Selena has in store for her fans. Even if she quits Instagram, her fans would find out ways to see her daily life events and stunning photos!


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