Sex Education Season 2 Netflix Trailer Review

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    Sex Education season 2 review: Netflix’s breakout of the romantic comedy, quietly continues to push the boundaries. It does not compromise on warmth and humor.

    Sex Education – Season 2

    The star cast includes – Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Connor Swindells, Aimee Lou Wood, Gillian Anderson and other actors, in the supporting role.

    The romantic comedy series, is quiet and revolutionary. Sex Education, in the second season, seems to break the boundaries, in a better way than the previous season. One of the most admirable point about the series is the evergreen and resourceful Dr. Milburn. Without saying, a lot has been told. However, it focuses more on the same- sex couples. This brings about an awareness about the same-sex love.

    Sex Education, happens to be the most successful show that is aired. It is  reaching heights and are created and written by women. Thus, women empowerment comes to the show.

    Rarely, even if ever shown, Sex Education is a phenomenal show. It comes up with a lot of awareness, on the much needed topics such as, childhood trauma and loss of identity. Parental abandonment seems to be one of the most predominating factors, in the show. The show, has a breezy tone, and thus, seems fun, that it sounds to be. The characters in the show are quite fun and warm. Though, few scenes are too grim to sallow, the show can easily be digested. The show brings about a good balance between horror and humor, in an uncommon maturity. Although, Maeve Wiley’s mother is shown to be going out of the rehab, she is easily able to go to school and run the business.

    The series is a classic. Sex Education turns out to be within the mood to milk for a few more upcoming seasons. Furthermore, Sex Education breaks the ground, thematically. It, short- changes a number of supporting cast. While excluding Aimee Lou Wood, this short- changing, has being done. She addresses the theme of sexual assault and childhood trauma, through a precise and clever manner.

    Final Verdict:

    Moreover, there is a potential opportunity for the show, to fly the nest. The show, successfully looks outward and broadens bits horizons. Further, as the initial jitters are out, the audience has succeeded in getting into a much comfortable relationship along with the show.

    Thus, the show intends all its’ viewers, a comfortable and pleasant experience.

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