15 Theories on Reddit to leave You Rethinking Your Existence

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    Are you looking for some ground-breaking theories? Do you find mysterious things absolutely fun? Well, we guess that you answered yes to both the questions and these are the questions that brought you here in the first place. We wonder you wish to sleep or not, cause after reading this you definitely will not be able to sleep.

    Theories on Reddit to leave You Rethinking

    Here are some of the most intriguing stories and theories on Reddit which will completely blow your mind.

    1. The theory of Philosophical Zombies 

    There is a theory that a certain proportion of humans are devoid of conscious experience. If you have ever done something or associated yourself with something but you find it hard to recall, then you might also be a part of that group. They have everything that is very much similar to humans and they even copy emotions; however, they just do not have sentiments.

    1. Hide when its time

    It is believed that if you are scuba diving around the coral reefs and you find it difficult to spot the fishes when you should be surrounded by them, it signifies that they are hiding somewhere due to certain reasons. But if you think they are hiding from you who is new to this environment, then that’s certainly not the case. They are definitely not hiding from you. So, it’s time you find a spot to hide as well.

    1. Why haven’t the aliens contacted us?

    The theory that revolves around the aliens for not contacting us basically suggests that Aliens find us way too primitive after they have examined and studies our society. So, they think that there is no point talking to us right now. People, we better buck up!

    1. Quantum Immortals 

    The theory of quantum immortals gained some popularity on Reddit. It suggests that we are all quantum immortal and when we die in the reality that we live in, we just continue our path ahead in the reality that we didn’t know even exists.

    1. Lappel Du Vide 

    Do you ever get thoughts such as, what would happen if you jump while standing on a cliff or what if you swerve into the traffic? Well, the name of such feelings or thoughts is Lappel du Vide which in French means “The call of the void”. Did you ever feel an ethereal presence calling towards you from the darkness of the void?

    1. Does Anaesthesia work?

    There was a theory that gained quite popularity on Reddit which suggested that a human might remember everything that happens to him during the surgery. The anesthesia just does not allow you to move and makes you forget everything.

    1. The presence of serial killers around you

    The theory of millions of serial killers around you at any given point in time also created quite a fuss on Reddit. Imagine walking down the road with a serial killer who has just blended in with your normal life. Many shall never get caught.

    1. The theory of Grey poop

    This theory was based on a video in which a microbot was invented which was used to break down the waste but due to technological advancement and evolution, the robot grew to consume all the carbon-based organic matter present on Earth. This could be the deadliest form of extinction we would ever wish for.

    1. The two-dimension Theory

    The two-dimension theory suggests that if we lived in two dimensions, we shall come across things that happened only in two dimensions. And thus, if anything happened in the fourth dimension, we could neither imagine it nor even see it across. Can you imagine a fourth direction to walk on? It can be seen as standing on a piece of paper where we shall be able to see just the cross-section of that particular thing which would pass through our world.

    1. The horrific death scene 

    This theory is hilarious as well as horrific at the same time. Imagine that if you ever get beheaded, the last thing that you shall see would be the dissipated body of yours. However, we do not know if the signal between your eyes and brains still work.

    1. What lies in the Mariana Trench? 

    Mariana Trench is the deepest place on Earth and there is nothing that we know about it. The lack of data about the deepest parts of the oceans leaves us only with our imagination about the world there. We do not know what is present there. What if the mermaids still exist or there is some animal larger than the White whale? Intriguing indeed!

    1. You might vanish one day 

    This theory suggests that the Universe might be dying however there is no means for us to know that until we vanish out one day. And our existences cease to continue.

    1. The presence of Super predator

    According to this theory, humans are afraid of the things that can mimic them perfectly. The origin of this fear lies in the belief that there was the existence of a super predator that would mimic us and thus kill us. However, no one knows what happened to that predator.

    1. There is an Actual Switch Off button in our bodies 

    There is a theory that suggests that if any sort of trauma is sensed by the human body and there is no way for it to combat that, it will turn off the metabolism and start pumping endorphins which will make the body slip into a state of dissociative where one is unable to feel the pain. Now, you know the switch off button inside your body.

    1. Does mind control exists? 

    Well, yes. This theory suggests that mind control can be actually performed however it can never go public because you can perform mind control only on the person who is aware of it, hard luck if you know how to perform it because no one else does.

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