12 Tik Tok Hacks That Can Make Life Easier

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    The Internet is a place where the simplest of things might go viral and affect people at large. Sometimes it brings up really out of the box ideas to make mundane everyday tasks easier and a lot simpler. We cannot forget the garlic peeling hack that got viral over the internet and emerged as a basic life hack that would save a lot of time in the kitchen.

    Tik Tok hacks has become a very popular platform to perform and show off skills and tricks in fifteen minutes and have a chance of trending. TikTok has recently seen a lot of hashtags trending and it’s the basic way of promoting yourself over TikTok and creating your brand.

    Since the application provides several opportunities to youngsters, to promote brands and most of the users lie in the range of thirteen to twenty-two years, they engage a lot via TikTok to advertise brands and become their target consumers. Now the best way to interact within the application is via hashtags so the most popular advertising format becomes the hashtag challenge.

    The tag Life hacks itself has nearly 5 billion views, almost every commercial company comes up with its stupid way of promoting its products via life hack techniques that makes no sense. It is because of this reason that you would find several articles floating on the internet about the “TikTok life hacks that changed my life”. However in reality most of the content in it is the hack that humanity can do without or if the start following might make their everyday task even more mundane.

    Useless hacks like covering the camera lens with lipstick will cringe you to the core and give a chill down the spine. But somehow these videos are so engrossing that it might keep you glued to the screen for hours scrolling past useless life hacks that would bring no difference in your life.

    But apart from being a source of entertainment some of these life hack videos can make your life easy but constitute a very small percentage of the endless scrolling you would do. So we have served in and selected a few of the best TikTok life hacks that work and might help you and help you from avoiding burnout from striving too hard.

    Tik Tok Hacks That Can Make Life Easier

    1. Adding Vinegar To Boiling Eggs

    Peeling off eggs is an extremely annoying task to do. It takes a lot of time, and if you are not an expert and occasionally enter the kitchen on your mother’s yelling or when you live alone and your cook ditches you. This life hack is absolutely for you, for boiled eggs are the easiest meal to fill the stomach without disappointing the taste buds.

    But every time you try to peel them off and end up breaking the eggs, it gets disappointing for the hungry stomach and costly for the rationed budget. To avoid such accidents this tik to hack might help you. According to it, adding vinegar to water while boiling eggs makes the process of peeling a lot easier. It gives perfect hard-boiled eggs that do not crack or have holes when you try to peel them.

    1. Regrowing Vegetables on your Own At Home

    How often do we curse the hiking prices of vegetables and wish or at least murmur thrice a day to have a farm of our own instead? But then when a tedious procedure comes to our head and realization kicks in we often end up dropping the idea and hitting the stores with the bags in our hands spending more money.

    But what if we could have a mini-farm at our place without the requirement of a big space or a lot of time? Tik Tok hacks came up with this brilliant hack where we could regrow some of the vegetables without any prior investment as such in terms of time and money. All we need to do is avoid throwing scraps of vegetables such as lettuce, celery, cabbage, and bok choy and submerge their ends and regrow their own vegetables, save money and have a farm of our own.

    1. No Bowl For Cereal No Problem

    We all get pretty lazy when it comes to getting up and finding a bowl searching for milk and then finally after all of this getting to eat cereal. So TikTok came up with the lifesaving hack for all the lazy people who find it difficult to do things on their own. If you intend to go through the entire box of cereal all at once all you need to do is follow the No Bowl For Cereal Hack on TikTok and make your life a lot easier for the lazy person in you.

    1. Sealing A Bag Of Chips Without Using a clip

    So if you are a snack sneaker and always have a bag of chips opened around you this Tik Tok hacks is an absolute genius for you. Even in the middle of the night while you Netflix and chill with your bag of chips and want to seal it for the next night, you can simply use this simple origami-like technique of folding the bag in the right directions and avoid the chips from getting stale even in the absence of a clip.

    5. Curling Hair With The Help Of a Water Bottle

    If you are a big fan of curly or beachy waves, and your pocket isn’t very heavy for the time being to afford Dyson AirWrap and products as such, this hack is for you. You require simply a hairdryer and a water bottle for this hack. Just cut the bottle at the top and make a hole that is big enough for the hairdryer to enter and you have your own AirWrap.

    1. Bathing The Dog

    Showering your dog can be a painful experience for both your dog and you. Most dogs hate water and might end up dressing you completely while giving him a good bath. So if you have a dog, then this tik tok hacks is for you. Apply some peanut butter on the wall towards which he is facing and while he licks the peanut butter off the wall, you have a calm dog to give a bath to. Try this and you will love it!

    7. Waterproof Your Shoes With a Candle

    If you are somebody who loves your shoes and hates getting them drenched during sudden rainfall or downpours, then this trick of tik tok hacks might act as a stitch in time that saves nine. Waterproof your shoes with the help of a candle and avoid getting them soaked.

    1. The Sweeping Hack

    While sweeping the floor it gets really difficult to collect all the dust and strands of hair on the dustpan especially if you are using a broom instead of a vacuum cleaner. So if you are among the few people who use vacuum cleaners instead of brooms, this hack is for you. You can simply stick a tape at the end of the broom and it solves all the problems.

    1. Clothes Folding Hack To Save Wardrobe Space

    It usually takes more time to get ready if the wardrobe is extremely unarranged and cluttered, the nifty folding tricks for clothes might save a lot of time and space in your wardrobe. Just the right way of folding the t-shirt might end up helping you get prepped faster.

    1. Cutting The Cake With Wine Glass

    During Parties, it usually gets messy to find a knife and then cut the cake into pieces and distribute them. This new viral hack of cutting the cake with wine glass may not be nifty but is an extremely easy way of getting the slice of cake and also a genius idea amidst this pandemic to avoid any touching of the food.

    1. Unclogging drain with coffee

    Might sound like an expensive affair, but only a small amount of coffee if mixed with dish soap and water will do wonders in unclogging your kitchen sink or drain.

    1. Vinegar for removing foul odor from microwave

    If your microwave is not smelling fresh all you need to do is put a bowl of vinegar in it for near about five minutes and then simply wipe it off. Tik Tok Hacks makes Life Easier.

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