10 Top Rated Movies of 2020 According To IMDB

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    Top Rated Movies of 2020 According To IMDB

    Here are some top 10 rated movies of 2020 according to IMDb which made to this list of top ten movies.

    1. Hamilton

    Hamilton with a rating of 8.6 is leading the IMDb list of best movies of 2020. The movie is inspired by Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, was digitally released worldwide through Disney+ on July 4th, 2020. The movie’s direction, performances, and visuals were much applauded by the critics.

    This triumphant musical tells the story in two acts. The first act tells the tale of Hamilton’s arrival in NYC and his work during the American Revolution, while the second covers his story as the first Secretary of treasury put together with several Hip-Pop musicals by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

    1. Onward

    Second on the IMDb list of 2020 best movies with7.4-star rating and Metascore of 61. It is an animated adventure of two elf brothers who set about a magical hunt to bring their late father back for a single day. This kids genre successfully stands out as a heartwarming funny animated adventure full of fantasy and comedy.

    Starring, Octiva Spencer, Tom Holland(II), Chris Pratt, Julia Louis – Dreyfus, and Dan Scanlon direction, Onward is immaculate, true, and faithful. The movie releases just before the pandemic took its place as an apt movie for the period.

    It gave a thrilling, bi, joyous adventurous flick, with a surprising element of an elf mom being an action hero when she finds out her sons to me missing an incredible plot (location) visuals. Onwards was a relevant movie for the year which needed both tears and laughter.

    1. The King of Satan Island

    This movie with a Metascore of 67 and 7.1 rating takes its place at the third position in the IMDb list of 2020 best movies. This Judd Apatow direction is a comedy-drama movie starring Lou Wilson, Pete Davidson, Ricky Velez, Bel Powley. The plot tells the story of Scott, an unemployed 24-year old who remains disturbed since the demise of his dad who was a firefighter.

    He wastes his days dreaming about being a tattoo artist, smoking weeds, and is very inconsistent about his dream. But the several events take place which forces him to take a step towards making a better life. Rotten Tomatoes a total film review website rates the movie to 74% approval rate.

    1. The invisible man

    The invisible man with a rating of 7.4 and Metascore of 72 is fourth in the IMDb list of 2020 Best movies. The movie starring Aldis Hodge, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Elizabeth Moss, Harriet Dyer is a mystery drama and a horror film. In this LeighWallenn direction, the concept of invisibility is a way to transverse a fibbing, agoraphobic, and abusive relationship and toxic masculinity.

    There is real and uncomfortable horror shown in the movie. The plot takes its turn for horror when an abusive ex-partner of Cecilia, the main character commits suicide and leaves his fortune to her.

    Cecilia on surmising the death to be a hoax she goes on about trying to evince that she is being haunted by someone nobody can see. The actor Elizabeth Moss’s work in the movie was much appreciated. Few dreadful, dark, jaw-dropping twists and events hold the audience till the end.

    1. The Call Of The Wild

    This Chris Sander’s direction is rated 6.8 in IMDb’s list of 2020 best movies. The movie an adaption from the famous literary classic, of the same title, brings out the story of a big-hearted dog Buck whose beautiful blissful life drastically changes when he is rooted out of his home in California and is exposed to the wilds of Alaskan Youkon. He there has his share of lifetime experience embracing the wild.

    1. The Way Back

    Starring Ben Affleck, Janina Gavankar, Al Madrigal, Michaela Watkins in sixth in the list with a rating of 6.7 and a Metascore of 66. Ben Affleck playing the role of Jack Cunningham, a phenomenon in his high school for his excellence in the game of basketball, left his game behind and walked away for the reasons nobody knew.

    Time flew and while he was stuck in a worthless job and fighting alcoholism which ruined his expectation and desire of better life and even marriage he then accepts to work for his alma mater as a coach which may be his chance for retrieval.

    1. Emma

    It is a period comedy-drama based on the 1800s,  is seventh in the list of IMDb list of 2020 best movies with a rating of 6.7. The story revolves around a wealthy selfish young girl who tries to find a partner for herself when she learns about her governess’s marriage.

    The young lady Emma Woodhouse makes her way through fallacious matches, missteps in love, and growing through teenage challenges to ultimately realize that the love she wanted was always there along.

    1. Bad Boys For Life

    It is full of action and was one of the most loved movies of 2020. With 6.6 ratings the movie is in the eight positions on the list. Directed by Bilall Fallah and Adil El Aribi, the movie shows a little drug usage and strong body violence. Starring Will Smith the movie was released on 17th Jan 2020 and started streaming on 31st March 2020.

    1. The Sonic Hedgehog

    With a rating of 6.5 on IMDb, it is an adventure comedy with a package of action.

    1. The Hunt (II)

    The Hunt completes this list it also holds a rating of 6.5 and is a complete composition of thriller action and horror.

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