Trudeau credits Immigration for growing Canada’s technology sector

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    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the leader of Liberal Party of Canada, was one of the keynote speakers, at the Collision Conference, which was held in Canada for the first time. Many were referring to it as the fastest growing tech conference in recent times.

    Speaking at the four-day conference, Trudeau’s main topic of discussion was about the immigration policy of Canada, and nurturing of the young minds of Canada. Even though many factions of the Government may seem to be against this policy; he strongly supports the idea of immigration. What people here don’t seem to understand is the fact that Trudeau is thinking about the long term, and how that is going to benefit the country. Many countries including the U.S having started closing off the immigration policy, but Trudeau still continues to believe in it, even in times of anxiety, stress and discomfort, stressing even further that immigration holds a key aspect in the recent flourishing times for Canada in tech industry. He was quoted saying,” Canadians know that we get more resilient communities, we get better solutions, we get better innovations, when we bring in people from all around the world”.

    Along with the fact that he supported the immigration policy, Trudeau also explained why it is important to nurture and provide good education to the young and bright minds of the country, and also guide them in the right path. He was also heard saying that Government’s investment in education and research in recent times was also an integral part of the success of various companies and startups within the country.

    Trudeau (after being elected in the federal elections in October 2019) and his Liberal Party have large, ambitious, and positive plans for the future regarding the immigration policy; whether those can be implemented successfully remains to be seen.



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