Trudeau’s cabinet is going to be really different than expected

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    Prime minister, Justin Trudeau is busy finalizing on choices for the new cabinet this week. Canadians can expect a lot of changes in the cabinet along with the fact that the prime minister might deny high profile executive posts to some MPs in the government and assign them a few unsung roles in the House of Commons. He will be taking this step just to make sure that the liberals are in power and are working well towards their agenda.

    Since the government is a minority government the jobs of the House leader, Chief whip and Committee chairs are going to be really important than they were when Trudeau commanded a majority in the commons.

    Kevin Bosch, Vice president at Hill and Knowlton said that these rules are often filled after the cabinet is chosen but with the minority government studio must consider who will fill them at the same time. Bosch even mentioned there is a skill in managing things in parliament and both bilingualism and strong negotiating skills are essential in this minority situation.

    Trudeau has already tried two different kinds of house leaders, initially and old hand, Dominic LeBlanc and later he was reshuffled by Bardish Chagger who was relatively rookie. The House leader is supposed to negotiate with other parties on how the House of Commons function.

    Kevin Bosch went ahead to say, “you need someone who is skilled and diligent and isn’t guessing but sure they have the numbers when the say they have the numbers.”

    Nathan Cullen, a veteran of the minority parliaments of the conservative years said that he loved the committee work during old times when it was far more democratic and engaging. Cullen even pointed out that under both the conservative and liberal governments the government was able to shutdown motions concerning ethical violations.













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