USMCA expected to be ratified by 2020

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    The chief executives of United States of America, Mexico and Canada are coming together towards the swift ratification of USMCA. This agreement will ensure that North America is going to retain competitive in the 21st century economy. Also North America will represent a major achievement it in building the world’s strongest trading partnership. 

    The United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) was signed about an year ago to replace the dollar 1 trillion North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA, but it still needs to be ratified by the US Congress. Even the White House aims to pass USMCA which is going to be it’s replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement. They are planning to do this by the end of the year. 

    U.S. house speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke about the breakthrough in talks with the Trump administration on the trade pact with Mexico and Canada could be forthcoming and that they are planning to pass the USMCA deal by the end of the year. Pelsoi also added that she would like to see  USMCA get ratified this year and considers it her goal.  

    Mexico has already ratified USMCA but Canada has not. Till the time USMCA is ratified the countries will continue with NAFTA. The agreement will help in strengthening the middle class and create good and well paying job opportunities for nearly half a billion people who live in North America.

    Since, USMCA is going to be a great deal that the United States, Mexico and Canada can achieve together but yet a lot depends on the action at the federal level where gridlock can have dire consequences locally. One reason why politics should not come in between us because this agreement is going to improve people’s lives. 

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