Vanessa Hudgens dating Lakers star Kylie Kuzma?

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    Vanessa Hudgens, was reported on the 14th of January, early this year, that she split apart with Austin Butler, after a 9 years long relationship. The news of them splitting apart, brought about a huge disbelief to their fans, all over the World.

    Within a week after the breakup news that spread around like a wild fire, Hudgens was spotted while out with Lakers star Kyle Kuzma. It was reported to be a flirtatious date. Is Hudgens really jumping into a different love relationship, within one week of the news of the 9 year old relationship between Hudgens, who is 38 years old and Butler, who is 28 years old.

    The couple, Hudgens and Butler, just after opening up about their relationship, were reported to move apart. Though few sources confirm that they are just away from each other as both of them are working on their new projects. The couple has been dating for 9 long years and has taken away so much love from their fans and followers. Thus, the news of Hudgens out for a date with Kuzma, is rather shocking, for the fan base.

    Is she really dating someone within one week of the alleged break up with her love, Austin Butler? Is one of the longest relationship in Hollywood that has been the talk of the town for 9 long years, coming to an end?

    Hudgens was spotted having fun while laughing and shyly giggling, with the hunk, at Lilia. They went in for a romantic candle- lit dinner. The pair was spotted enjoying each other’s company.

    Is this a rumour that Hudgens and Kyle Kuzma are in a relationship? Did Butler and Hudgens really break apart after their long lasting relationship? We would help you be on guard, to know more about the controversy.

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