You should be Sad- Halsey put the screen ablaze with her moves!

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    Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, also referred to as Halsey, is an American vocalist/musician. She is back with fire on screen with You Should Be Sad. Picking up from self-discharged music, she was marked by Astralwerks in 2014 and brought out her single debut EP, Room 93, soon thereafter.

    “You should be sad” – Hotness reloaded on screen

    Halsey is back with her most exotic moves ranging all over her latest song video “You should be sad.” Halsey the well know American singer know especially for her exotic churns and moves has mastered the art of alluring public attention. “You should be sad” has already grabbed the attention of her viewers. She looked marvelous in her bold appearances throughout the music video. The 3-minutes-39-seconds music video has got all that is needed to be the most alluding bold singer ever witnessed. The music video also features Halsey paying tribute to the four most prominent idols of her, one of them being the music star Carrie Underwood. Halsey also expressed the inspiration behind the video to her fans.

    Mesmerizing background score

    The lighting and the sound effects in the video have been grand.  The Latina models in the background are truly drool worthy with their mesmerizing steps. Halsey herself had quite revealing manners throughout the video. Her moves, her grandiose styles and the aura she has set through four minutes long video had got to it everything that’s required to instill shivers in the hearts of her admirers.

    Mercury takes a bounce here!

    The four minutes long video opens with Hasley emerging from an old fashioned luxurious car. She enters a cowshed where the party is all set to take a turn. The screenplay then charms its way through the improvised contemporary style of dancing, gripping over the poles and the crops with exotic moves. Most importantly the screenplay is featured in a cowboy style of appearance and throughout the video. The viewers can feel encircled within shakes and curves of the glamorous Latinos meandering throughout the sets.

    Adore what she wore

    The costume has been parallel and significant for every crew and cast of the video. Halsey had adorned a sensual bikini along with a cowboy hat. The background score had raised the barometer with her scintillating moves.

    Thus concluding Halsey has once again proved herself with her nourishment and flavors, spice and cheers added to each and every bit of the video. The video is a must-watch for her admirers as well as her well-wishers.

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